Janet Rudd

Humanist Officiant


If you are looking for an official to perform a non-religious personalized, legal ceremony, you have come to the right ​place.

I am a certified Humanist Officiant, licensed by the Province of Ontario and through the Ontario Humanist Society to provide legal, non-denominational wedding ceremonies in Ontario.  

Marriage - Key Steps

1.   Obtain your Marriage Licence at a local Service Ontario Centre. Your wedding must be held within 3 months of that date.

2.   Contact me (Officiant) to discuss your wedding and my services and rates.

3.   Sign a Memorandum of Agreement to secure your wedding day and confirm my participation. A deposit is required at this stage.

4.   Meet with me to gather pertinent information and collaborate to prepare the perfect ceremony for you and your fiancé. At this stage, I will require your Marriage Licence to complete legal forms.

5.   Schedule a Wedding Rehearsal, if required.

6.   On the wedding day, I will show up in advance to assist in any way and will be prepared with the Final Version of the ceremony and other legal documents that will need to be signed by the couple and the witnesses.

7.   At the end of the ceremony, I will leave the couple with a Record of Solemnization (attesting to the fact that the marriage took place) and information on next steps and how to obtain a Marriage Certificate. I will mail the completed Marriage Licence to the Registrar General within 48 hours, as required to legally register your marriage. 

Please call or email me to discuss your plans.